Friday, March 11, 2016


This past weekend, I had the most wonderful time ...

A very dear friend of mine suggested (back in November) that we attend the Northwest Yoga Conference near Seattle last weekend. We went running in the Chuckanut Trail System, donuts at LaFeen's, countless cups of coffee, and finally made our way to conference. The road tripping is always a ton of fun! Good tunes, great company, and the kind of conversation where no one else could fit a word in edgewise ;o)

I feel recharged, reconnected and completely renewed in so many ways! I learned so much, and am eager (probably too eager) to try out the many things that I learned. But more than the things I can teach to others, I found that place deep within me that resides as a continual student of the Universe. I felt a deep reconnection to the grandeur of my internal landscape, and felt relieved and blissful that it does indeed still reside in me.

I definitely experienced some awakenings ... there is a perpetual feeling of resistance that we all hold in different parts of our bodies. This is why I believe yoga is so darn good for a person. Practicing yoga helps us to access the sad, forgotten and disturbed parts of ourselves - and once we acknowledge those places, they become children who were only looking for someone to hear and see them. And in turn, we become children too, returning to that place of innocence that eternally resides in us. We return to a state of pure possibility. We return to faith. We return to Atman ~*the essence (within us) that is eternal, unchanging, and indistinguishable from the essence of the universe.

Rubbing shoulders with over 700 happy yogis does a lot for a lady. There were so many sweet people there, always with a kind word, a compliment, and a helpful nature. And I can't say enough about how well organized everything was.

The teachers presenting workshops were beautiful, experienced yogis who teach from the heart and you can feel their energy no matter where you are in the room of so many bodies. It takes a skilled and accomplished teacher to make 80 people feel "seen" during a 2 hour workshop. I am inspired. I am renewed. I am healed!


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