Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Definition "the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality" *from Merriam Webster

It was a long time ago that I learned about synchronicity. In my early 20's, I was introduced to the term by the book "The Celestine Prophecy". I had certainly experienced synchronicity before I knew it had a label, but it was the first time I started to think that perhaps many of the ideas I had tuned into were experienced by others. 

In short, I started to feel less alone.

When I first started noticing these occurrences, they were happening all the time. It felt like such a powerful feeling to know that my life was being guided by something much larger than myself. I also used it as an excuse in my younger days that there were some things in my life that were destined to happen, and that truly I could make no mistakes. The naivete of a 21-year old. Sending love to my younger self .... and a little pat on the head. (which I would have hated!)

In my 30's, I have experienced fewer synchronistic events, but they have been considerably more profound. Last weekend, I experienced one of these incidents, and it's too good not to share!

I had made a coffee date with a lovely yoga teacher I met in the Summer on Tuesday, but we had to cancel... 

Unrelated, my hubby & I had been meaning to take the kids snowboarding at Harper Mountain all winter, and finally booked it on Friday as they had the day off from school. 

The first synchronicity: This lovely yoga teacher ended up being the one giving me a snowboarding lesson. It felt so great to be on a snowboard again, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.

The second synchronicity: After the lesson was over, my daughter conned me into going up the t-bar with her, threw me off balance, and we fell over. My kneecap landed on the edge of her board, and I felt a searing pain ... I hobbled over to the lodge, and planted myself on a bench to take a look at it. The little incident ended up benching me for the day ... But then I saw the lovely yoga teacher, and she was done with teaching for the day ...

Wouldn't you know it? We ended up having coffee in the lodge!

The Universe engineered all of this perfectly for us! We ended up having a fantastic conversation and visit together - and none of this would have happened if I didn't hurt myself.

I strongly believe that there are NO coincidences in life. When you begin to believe that the Universe is on your side, working for you, at all times ... the World is Your Oyster. 

(And the secret is that you are the pearl, being perfectly formed and designed for the highest good of the Universe).

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas - A Time for Grieving?

Everything about this time of year insists that you must give gifts and share joy, to be happy, to fall in love... But this fantasy is not for everyone - there are many people who suffer through the holidays, they grin and bear it, and just try to make it by... There are many people around the world who's lives simply don't change while the Season is near... there still won't be enough food to eat, there certainly won't be money for buying people presents, and for some, even just staying warm and dry will be a serious struggle. 

There are many people who are going through feelings of loss and grief right now, and sometimes the holidays seem to make it worse. If you are grieving now, I want you to know this:  
You are allowed to feel however you feel at any time during your grieving period. Grief is different for everyone, and there is no right way to get through it. While I can't take away the pain you're feeling, there are some things you can do to work through your grief: 

Honour your loved ones: Create a memorial or a shrine for your loved one - with some things they liked - figurines, a special pen, even a piece of their jewelry or clothing. Also place on the shrine a candle or some flowers. Perhaps you can have a photo of them as well.

Have a release ceremony: There are so many ways to release energy from our bodies and our minds. It is such a relief to be able to unload any heavy thoughts or feelings. You can also release your loved one - with the intention of allowing them to be free from this earth. You can do a release ceremony in a few ways:
My favourite way is to simply write out what I'd like to let go of on a piece of paper - and then burn it. I also have a Buddha Board - where you write with water, and as it dries, the image slowly disappears. Other ways to do this are to make a Chinese lantern and think about what you want to release as you let it float into the air. You can do the same thing by tying thoughts (written on a piece of paper) to a helium balloon.

Give to Others: Giving your time, money or resources to someone in need forces you to get out from under your own stuff. When you extend the hands of kindness to someone who is worse off than you are, you gain a new perspective on life.

Daily Rituals: Try something different. Start your day in a new way by getting up a little earlier, listening to a great podcast, guided meditation or reading a book on a new subject. Or you can try doing yoga or a meditation before you start your day. I have recorded a special yoga class you can take for free called: Yoga for Grief & Loss. I designed this class after my Mom passed away in 2014.

Remember This: Everyone grieves differently, and you don't have to put on a fake happy face if that is not how you truly feel. You can deal with this holiday season however YOU need to. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and it's okay to let family and friends know how you're feeling. Trust me, they genuinely want to be there for you - it's just that most people don't know how.

From my heart to yours ~ Sincerely & with Love, Nicole 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Stay True to Who You Are

You were born to the right parents, the right siblings, in the right place at exactly the right time. There is no one like you, and never will be again. You have an entire world inside you that you can share with others - a world and a perspective that can change peoples' lives. Whether you do this consciously or unconsciously, it is happening every time you have an interaction with someone.

It is up to you to become aware of what your gifts truly are. When you move from a place of certainty in who you are, there is nothing you can't do. The trick is to take a good look at your values & beliefs, to examine the actions you take every single day - and to see if anything is out of alignment.

We hear these things all the time - so why is it that we fall off the wagon, "forget", or just let go of practices that make us happy, balanced and fulfilled? 

I received these beautiful reminders at the Tony Robbins event I attended last week. As I've been to this particular event before the entire weekend was a reminder that I am the one in charge of my own life. I decide how successful I'm going to be in everything that I do.

I, for one, am getting really tired of the EGO mind that continues to tell me I can't do things. I know that I am absolutely capable of greatness - and there are so many people out there who have things to teach me.

Here is something that I say to myself before I teach: (feel free to steal it, or to create your own!)

I open myself today to become a channel for the energy of the Universe. Please allow this energy to come through me - Please allow me to be a messenger of the Universe, and to deliver to whomever I meet today exactly what the Universe has been trying to tell them. Please help me to put my own baggage aside so that these messages can come through me with clarity & love.

Coming Soon: Yoga Your Way - Click for MORE!

Namaste & Love, Nicole

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cultivating an Inner Sanctuary

When I think of a sanctuary, I imagine a large, open space with massive stone pillars, and billowing white curtains separating the space. I imagine the intoxicating scent of lilies, jasmine & magnolia flowers. I can see still gazing pools with lily pads floating on the surface. There is a beautiful swimming pool, and a few hot tubs scattered here & there. There are tables filled with artistically arranged food, and the purest water in crystal goblets. There is soft, angelic music playing in the background. I can receive Reiki, massage, sound treatments, or any other kind of bodywork imaginable - any time I wish. 

This is my inner sanctuary.

You can have one, too, if you can dream one up. 

When I teach restorative yoga, I think of each moment in the class as cultivating this inner sanctuary. What would make you feel ultimately relaxed, comforted and take care of? If I come around during the class, what is it that you need from me? A gentle adjustment, a blanket to better support you in a pose, or simply a loving hand held to your forehead? 

How can I help you take care of yourself?

My mission in these very special classes is to guide you into a loving experience - but ultimately the experience is up to you. The only thing we can truly "own" is direct experience. The tricky part is that your thoughts, emotions and sometimes past experiences, can begin to change the way you view direct experience. 

I love teaching Restorative Yoga above all other forms of yoga, because it is truly about You. You become responsible for how much you are able to relax and release into the experience. You are responsible for ensuring that you feel physically comfortable during the class. And you are also responsible for your own inner sanctuary ... Using your breath to support the poses, focusing on releasing anything that no longer serves you. 

This language can sound strange for a long time .. but when you hear your yoga teacher repeating it enough times, you begin to try putting them into practice. And suddenly one day you find yourself at ease ... with everything. 

Yoga occasionally brings us profound moments of true silence, deep inner peace, and freedom. But in order to get there, we must practice. You can practice at home - even just for 5 minutes at a time - even just 10 deep belly breaths, or 3 Uujayi breaths, or a few Cat/Cows. 

And when you come to class, your body knows what's happening, and those openings are waiting to be experienced. 

Cultivate an Inner Sanctuary every day, by giving yourself moments of space and breath. Your body will thank you. Your mind will thank you. 

Here's to Inner Peace!

Love Nicole

Nicole Aracki is a yoga teacher in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Guiding You to the Light Within.

Monday, November 7, 2016

On Teaching Yoga

Last night a friend requested that I write about a day in the life of a yoga teacher ... all the ups, and all the downs of being in this profession of mine. I am pleased and excited that B requested I write on this subject, as it is an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on this role of "Yoga Teacher". 

For so long, this was what I wanted: To teach yoga full time and to immerse myself in leading classes for others. I feel privileged and honoured to guide people into their practice, and to offer unique ways to change perspectives on the practice and on the personal journey of the self. 

It is inevitable that I, too, would receive an education as I was so busy with teaching that I suffered with stress and a feeling of "no time" for me. The busiest week I had was 13 classes in one week - and to me, this was an enormous jump from a year ago when I was teaching only 3 classes per week! 

I love teaching yoga, and what I noticed when I began to teach so many classes was that the inspiration didn't run out. I feel constantly inspired by many things - my own personal practice, the way students react to what I'm offering, and the intuitive guidance that I receive is finely tuned now. In fact, I feel more inspired the more I teach! 

But what I also noticed is that if I don't take the time to clear my energy field after teaching a class, I begin to feel very heavy and tired in my own energy and I feel the need to hole myself up at home when I'm not teaching. There have been times when I hoped that I wouldn't see anyone I knew, simply because I didn't want them to see me in this strange state. 

When my schedule went over the tipping point, I felt exhausted, and had very little energy to do the things I normally do to take care of myself, like running. I didn't have much in me for the kids or my husband either, and honestly I knew that something would have to change. It wasn't worth it to do so much of something that I love, if it wasn't causing me peace, love and joy.

When I teach yoga, I open myself up to receive messages from my Guides & Gurus (who's names I don't know, and faces I've never seen). But I also open myself up to receive messages and guidance from the students in the class as well. If I'm not careful, I find that sometimes I pick up physical ailments in my own body - almost like catching a cold. I have to be proactive in taking care of Me first so that I have a strong energetic system that can fight off the energetic clinging of others.

How do I take care of myself? I believe that everybody has a "formula" for personal success, and for me it starts with self-care:

1) Daily Meditation - I practice for 30 minutes every morning as soon as I wake up. Sometimes it's breathwork, sometimes it's simple breath-focused meditation, and sometimes gentle yoga

2) Running - I try to run every other day, except when I'm training - which leads to my next component ...

3) Goalsetting - I sit down and set goals once a month! A few past goals: *feed my family with yoga $  ... *50 km Runs ... * Working at a certain studio 

4) Time Alone in Nature - I need time to go inward, to practice ceremony, and to fill myself up again with the energy of the Earth

5) Eating whole, healthy foods. Drinking lots of water. 

I recently let go of quite a few of the classes I was teaching, and I suddenly have time to focus on my self-care routines again. It is making such a difference already. I have the time and energy to run regularly again, I am able to enjoy my kids and my man again, and I am finding the time to reflect and slow down. 

As I head off to another Tony Robbins event, I feel myself buzzing with potential .. and I am SO excited to begin sharing MORE love MORE joy MORE connection and MORE peace with you all!! I have many exciting plans coming up in 2017, and I believe that all of my dreams will come true! Stay tuned in to all that is happening with me ~ Perhaps there will be a way in which I can serve you in the future.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again my friends!

Love Nicole 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Symbolic First Day.

And so today is a new day. I am taking my first step in comfort into my new life, and today I ask myself: How can I Serve? What Can I Offer? What Can I Teach to Others? What Am I Meant to Learn? What Is My Purpose?
How Can I Serve?

I am setting intentions today to manifest the pivotal events in my life that were meant to be, that were put in place long before I inhabited this adult body. I am ready to embrace the gifts I was in such close contact with as a child - I was so open in those formative years, and in the last year I have often reached out to my Child-Self  (Little Nicole) to guide me and to show me what it is that I have been missing. 

Last week I had a breakthrough - I was sitting in the sun on my deck, and I closed my eyes to fully immerse myself in warmth & light. Behind my eyes I could see brilliant red - and I thought "Oh, it's just the sun making me see red, I probably can't see any other colours" ... and then all I could see was Orange ... still I wasn't convinced, and thought "Well, orange is pretty close to red, I'm just tricking myself "... and then it morphed into yellow ... and then Still in disbelief, I thought "Well, if I could see green, then I would know I'm not making this up" ... and then everything was green ... and then teal ... blue ... and finally a beautiful amethyst purple.

Now this may not seem significant, so you'll need to know the backstory ...

In my 20's, when I first truly began to revisit my spiritual self, I was playing around with all kinds of modalities and tricks to get insight into my spiritual life. Playing psychic games with friends, practicing Wicca by the book, learning the art of healing through Reiki, and learning a lot about personal Will and manifestation. I remember reading about different types of intuition. Clear seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing* ... I have always experienced Clear Feeling and Clear Knowing, and was always envious of those who had the power to actually "see" visions. I never really thought it would be possible for me to experience Clairvoyance, and so I let it go, and have always relied on my ability to Feel and to Know. This development of Clear Seeing for me is truly amazing ... and I feel that this is a gift from the Universe, a demonstration of the amazing gifts available to me if I can just trust in the destiny that I was born into.

Yesterday I committed to doing a 30 Day Challenge at the Yoga Loft, and for me (and many others), it marks a new beginning in my life. It marks an opportunity to choose my next steps wisely, confidently and mindfully. When I teach yoga, I am always learning ... but when I can be a student I am immersing myself in the internal workings of my own soul ... and of my soul's connection to the Universe. I am also connecting with the other students in the class, while being led into an experience by another teacher. 

My intentions for the next 30 days are to fully immerse myself into my new life here in Kamloops ~ To finally untangle myself from the attachments of life in Quesnel. My intention is not to untie from Quesnel, because I still love that place, and have many lifelong friends and connections there. But rather to simply allow myself to become fully present in my new town, and to start trusting that I am right where I'm supposed to be.

If these words resonate with you at all, and maybe even reflect your own life, perhaps it can serve as a reminder for you to also set some new intentions in your life.

Namaste & Love ~ Nicole 

*Read more about different types of intuition at http://foreverconscious.com/which-spiritual-gift-is-your-strongest