Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finding Dharma

After months of waiting, the wave has finally broken! We will finally be moving to Kamloops at the end of next month!!!

These last few months have tested my patience greatly, and caused stress in my life - something that I continuously work to avoid. But all suffering is necessary and almost always leads to some conclusions.

For me, this waiting period led me to some pretty massive emotional breakthroughs. It pushed me up against the most fearful parts of myself - the parts that are terrified of rejection, need to feel a sense of security to survive, and of the lady in me who's incredibly scared to let her kids down in any way.

I was also forced to face my feelings of inadequacy, my confidence, and the driving force in my life. Which I figured out is a great desire for independence, freedom and space, in whatever I am doing.

I realized through this that the work we do on ourselves is never done, and this is something that I've heard successful people say. But I never thought I would get there in my own mind to actually see it. There is always going to be another challenge that comes up in our lives - it's how we approach it that will determine whether we look at our outcomes as successes or failures. For instance, as I come out of this dark period of winter, I look at the thoughts that I've been able to get under control, and at the formidable way that I have gone above and beyond in order to work towards my goals.

Diving into these deep-seated emotional issues is not easy work. But you're the only one who can do this work on yourself. Don't turn away from the things that frighten you, but rather go towards them with curiosity, love and acceptance. No healer, shaman or witch could perform on you the transformations that are required in order to excel in your life. You are your own Shaman. You are the guardian of your own heart. You are your own light, and when you are able to remove the stuck emotional baggage, your vision will be clear and free. It is in these moments of clarity that you will see your own personal truth, and at this pivotal point, you will have the power to live out your purpose. Your Dharma.

Sincerely and With Love,

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