Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Receive Your Lessons Well

Do you ever feel like you're learning the same lessons over and over? It seems that there can be many aspects to those BIG life lessons that repeat themselves (just in case you missed anything the first time around).

For me, I learn over and over that things don't usually happen when you WANT them to, but rather when it's meant for you. And I have found, and am finding, that this is unequivocally true. It seems as though the Universe sometimes says to me "Now, now, Nicole, try not to rush this ...".

Oh, the wisdom of childhood - my Mom always used to tell me to hurry up! Maybe little Nicole knew what she was doing ...

Having moved to a new place and all, I was feeling some difficulties in finding a sense of belonging. It is really hard to move somewhere where you don't know a soul! And I seem to forget that people need time to get to know me and to trust me. So I get a little impatient. Come on people - I am totally amazing, super fun, nice, gentle and very accepting!

I admit, I was starting to feel pretty frustrated about many aspects of my life - living situation, town, driving, and even work! I had one day where I felt like complete sh*t ... I was down in the dumps about all of it, and beginning to wonder if we had made a mistake leaving that comfortable Comfort Zone. I even went to bed feeling pretty down on myself.

Lo and behold, the following day, I woke up and made extra time to meditate, do yoga and to just get refocused. I went for a run in the snowy hills. I played with my dog. And I slowly began to think that everything was going to work out. The day after that, the good news started to pour in - and it wasn't just one piece of good news - it was one after another after another!

The clouds seem to be parting, and the ice slowly cracking across the frozen lakes of my internal winter, and I am finding my way home through my heart. And I realize that the way home is always through the heart - the route never changed, it was just something I had forgotten. But the Universe rewarded me with this flood of good news because I made myself ready for the goodness to come. Without being in that primed state, the news might not have come to me as clearly, or have had the impact that it did.

I think it's pretty human to not quite understand the messages we receive throughout our lifetimes. It is all part of the process to be young, impulsive, and to think we can force things to happen in our lives. But our higher selves always know what's best for us, what we need at any given time, and how to frame situations so that lessons can be learned. When you receive the gift of an epiphany about your life, it is a huge high that catapults us into the next level of our being.

My wish for you is that you receive your lessons well, for the highest good of everyone, everywhere.

Namaste ~ Nicole

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