Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Once Again, the Universe Responds

It's a funny relationship that we have with this bold and beautiful Universe, isn't it? She literally responds to every single thought and feeling that we portray in our lives, and we do receive everything that we give. I read something once that a woman will give gifts to people that she herself would like to receive ... Perhaps if we view the Universe as an actual being we can apply the theory to our relationship with her.

My own personal evidence of this theory happened to me in two separate instances in the last week:

1.  I was out running, after a particularly rough morning with my son, who is in the angry phase of our transition to a new town. I was running uphill for what seemed like an incredibly long time (20 minutes!) and didn't have a lot of steam to get up. I was definitely struggling, and my emotional morning wasn't helping me. At that time, I was saved by a text from a very good friend of mine (V). She sends me the most uplifting, happy and fun texts ever. I took the opportunity to walk the hills for a bit and yes, I totally texted her back. We went back and forth for a few minutes, and then I tucked the phone back into my vest and restarted my run. In fact, I restarted my day at that point, and started running with a smile even! I was feeling strong and happy, and the terrain of the trail began to change .. I started to see a lusher forest up ahead, and I smiled even more. One second later I looked down at the ground to see the prettiest little spirit quartz cluster. Of course I stopped to pick it up, and my mood instantly lifted even more. I ran for another minute or two, and came out to an open meadow of golden grass, where the wind picked up quite massively and infused me with life and with power. It was an absolutely magical moment.

It seemed like every time my mood lifted, the Universe delivered to me another moment to be grateful for.

2. Yesterday, I woke up like I always do by priming, meditating, practicing love & gratitude, and by visualizing my goals. One of my goals was to do everything in my power to spread joy and love, so that everyone who came into contact with me would feel this intention. I wanted the yoga class I would be teaching to be a joyful and relaxing experience for my students - in fact, I wanted it to be a highlight in their day. I wanted to drive the beautiful Coquihalla Highway gently and in the flow, as if I were taking care of the other people driving it. I wanted my kids to start their day feeling happy and relaxed. So I listened to music that made me feel happy and energized, and just buzzed through the day! I smiled at others without any expectations of what I might receive in return, and I genuinely tried to go through my day looking through the eyes of love.

And you know what? It worked! Yesterday was set up to be my absolute busiest, hectic, hair-straight-back day. My husband is out of town on a trip, and I was flying solo, dragging my son to Kamloops to burn off the 4 hours of gymnastics training my daughter was doing. We got home late, the animals were pining for attention, and the kids had a bit of trouble settling down ... but once the house was quiet again, I realized that I had done it. It hadn't been completely perfect, but it's not as interesting when it's "perfect".
At the end of the day, you will be rewarded for the kind of energy you put out to the world. And even if you have to fake it a little bit in order to get started, at least you'll be trying to be the best version of yourself. Happy doesn't just happen to you - You Have to Choose Happy!

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