Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life as We Live It

Life is too short to wake up each day with aches and pains. And life is definitely too short to wake up every day feeling regret, shame or disappointments. You have the power inside of you to live your life in the most satisfying way possible, but it is up to you. No one else can choose your happiness for you.

Live As You Wish To Die.

No one wants to wake up ten years from now wondering where they went wrong, as they simmer in feelings of despair and hardship, fear and anger. What is it that you want?

"Live as You Wish to Die" is a mantra I have developed for myself, and I try to live this truth every day. I'm not going to lie - lately it has been more difficult for me. I understand that although there is a ton of uncertainty in my life, now is the time when I need to be most focused on what I want next. I understand that in a time of uncertainty, when the soil has been turned and everything looks messy, is the most incredibly fertile time there is. Each day I wake up holding gratitude in my mind for all that I have - a happy & healthy family, enough food in my belly and clothes on my back, an amazing job doing what I love, a great car that takes us safely from work to home to the kids' activities and so on ...

But today is every day. Perhaps today is my only chance to make my mark on the world around me. What if that were true? What should I do today that is different and special? How should I interact with those around me? Should I look straight ahead when I'm standing in a line, or should I be friendly to my neighbours, offering a smile or a little joke? Should I be interacting with the world around me? Should I try to spread a little sunshine today?

I try, every day, to live a path of Love and Joy. I strive to see through the eyes of love, and speak to others with joy and appreciation. I also try to treat myself with love and joy. I accept others for who they are, whatever that entails. I try to see the very best in every person I meet!

What does it mean to live as you wish to die? It means:
- That you live as if today were your last day on Earth

- One huge certainty in life is that we will all die, and I believe that how we live will greatly impact the manner in which we die

- Do you want to die in suffering, anxiety and pain? .... No?

Then STOP living your life in suffering, anxiety and pain. You have the power, and you have the control to take power over your worldly existence. It is up to you to live the life of your dreams. No one can do this for you. You are accountable for your own happiness.

Some people do not have the luxury of time when it comes to choosing happiness, and they are forced to show up in their own lives every day. Many people who have a terminal illness face the harsh reality of a limited time remaining, and absolutely must choose to enjoy each moment. What else can a person do when they could die in a matter of days, weeks or months? What would YOU do?

Live each day as you wish to die - In Peace, in Love, and in Joy, in Acceptance, in Mindfulness and in Wisdom.

Coming Soon ... a Udemy course titled "How to Die: At Peace and Without Fear". Created for those who have been given a timeline, and would like to find their way towards a peaceful and joyful passing.

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