Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Living With Purpose

What does it mean to live your life with purpose? It means having a secret mission that is built into you on the foundation of your beliefs. It means to work with the positive aspects of your own personality in order to both heal your own self, as well as to offer your gifts to the world around you. Giving of yourself, straight from your heart to another's heart, is the most honest, uplifting, supportive and loving way to communicate with another. And for me, it feels like my Superpower.

I do not selflessly give however. I've come to understand that I must take care of myself before I can even consider taking care of someone else. And my method of helping others is simple.

  • Do unto others as you would have then do to you. The Golden Rule never gets old, and it has shaped me since I was 6 years old.

  • Give Love openly. Share your warmth with others - especially with people you don't know. Your smile may be the light in their day; it might be the catalyst for change in an otherwise humdrum day. When you give love to the world, you plant a seed in them when they realize it felt good to smile and be smiled at. Who knows - maybe they will pass it on?

  • See Other People. When you see others, truly look into their eyes and see the truth of who they are. When you look with honest curiosity and total acceptance you can warm another person deep down into their soul.

All of these commandments I've created for myself have helped me to look outside of myself when I'm feeling small, or sad or overwhelmed. They have helped me develop a bigger perspective of the world, and it's fabulous energy, as well as the wonderful way the world reciprocates all that you give to others.

Life, this world, these people surrounding you - whether it's an illusion or total reality, is an opportunity for growth and boundless joy. It's up to each one of us to create our existence. What are you going to choose?

Sincerely and with love,
Nicole Aracki

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