Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Know How to Treat a Girl Right

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. Growing up, we always had two parties: a party with friends, and games, and cake and presents. And a family party where my Aunties and Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents, would all come over to celebrate Me! (Or whoever's birthday it was). I remember feeling so special on my birthday, all throughout my childhood years, and even extending into the dark teen years and my early adulthood.

However, there did come a point in time where I had to take the reins into my own hands when it came to my special day. Somewhere along the line I realized that no one was going to throw a birthday party for me, so I decided that I would start celebrating myself! I mean, why wait for others to celebrate you? Sometimes people need a little help when it comes to well wishing! Here are a few ways in which I ensure that I will have an awesome birthday:

  • I always take my birthday off of work.
  • I tell people it's my birthday
  • I hug people when they say Happy Birthday to me
  • I make my own cake, because no one makes a cake like I do!
  • Sometimes, I throw myself a big party
  • I allow myself to enjoy being the centre of attention

I allow myself to celebrate my own birthday like this because it feels good! Everybody loves a good party, and having a reason to celebrate! I always see my birthday as a reason to celebrate everything in my life - and also to celebrate the successes and joys in other peoples' lives as well.

This year, I went on a road trip to Mount Robson to run a 50km Ultramarathon with some beautiful women in my life. We shopped, we sang, we laughed, we cried, we talked and talked and talked ... and of course we shared meals and ... Ate Cake! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday, and I believe that by celebrating ourselves, we give other people permission to celebrate themselves as well!

Because honestly, people, life is too short to wait for others to throw you a party!

I say - Throw yourself one!!!

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