Thursday, September 10, 2015

Energetic Curveballs

There are times in life when I have jumped the gun on releasing certain information about my life before it has occurred. Thankfully, I can now look at this situation with a sense of humour about how misguided I was to believe I could predict my destiny. When I pigeonholed myself into believing a certain thing would happen, I all of a sudden became disappointed with the outcome when it turned out to be different that what I had in mind. I had, in fact, attached myself to a figment of my imagination.

I had recently made the conscious choice to surrender myself to the Universe, in order to speed up this process of moving to a new place. But I had placed expectations on this choice to surrender that I would end up where I had decided I wanted to end up.

I was so certain that we were moving to Kelowna - I could see it in my mind so clearly, and I was getting so excited about finally arriving there, that I didn't consider the idea that there might be something different in store for us. So when my husband got the job offer, they told him they would like him to be in Merritt, where the job is. I was a little shocked and a bit disappointed for an entire day, but then some things started to come to light, and I realized that Merritt can offer us pretty much everything we wanted. Dirt biking community, tons of trails to run on, quieter, grounded place between two cities - which reminds me so much of Squamish - lots of jobs, a more open yoga community that is currently only serviced by two or more yoga teachers, and of course my husband's job. For the first time in 3 years, he will be able to come home for dinner every night. All these things are just priceless to me. Aside from the detail of having to drive my daughter into Kamloops for gymnastics, everything looks to be set up beautifully for all 4 of us to thrive. Although - I am learning not to judge that part of things either. There may end up being some huge benefits to my being in Kamloops so much. Especially since I have had an aversion to the city of Kamloops for such a long time. The desert makes me uncomfortable ... I am quite certain there is a lesson for me there. I also discovered that there is a festival there called BassCoast - it combines a few of my loves: Yoga, Electronic Dance Music and Art! Yes, this festival happens in the cool town of ... Merritt!

Strangely enough, moving to Merritt could potentially  bring  me closer than ever to some of the big dreams and visions I had for my future, and I am more than excited to share my experiences with you along the way.

Will keep you posted!
Namaste & Love, Nicole

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