Friday, August 28, 2015

Plunging Into Faith

In my household we are in the middle of making some huge changes. We have decided to make a move to another town, which was something I did not want to do for the longest time. I am so comfortable in this community, I know so many people now, I have some incredibly close friends that I do not want to leave, I know the trails here, I know where all the businesses are, I have my favourite lakes and spots on the river ... and there are so many more reasons - too many to list.

So why would I willingly decide to make a move, when there are so many reasons to stay?

Well, it's like this: My husband and I have both been wanting more for so long ... We are on the edge of our seats looking for adventure, and challenge and Change. It is time to step into our true potential - and that means stepping out of my Comfort Zone. After attending the Anthony Robbins seminar, we both feel so changed. And a huge part of our transformation is putting all of our knowledge to the test. We are both ready to Step Up, to Change, to step into bigger shoes ...

I feel as though I am looking out at the Grand Canyon, absolutely transfixed by the grandeur and the beauty, when I suddenly notice I am standing on the very edge of the cliff. I have no safety net, no parachute, no climbing rope to save me. All I know is that I have an incredibly strong feeling that if I allow myself to free-fall from the edge, I am guaranteed to experience even MORE grandeur and beauty than I can see in my immediate view.

Many of us talk about the idea that things always work out perfectly when there are a lot of unknowns in our lives. In fact, almost everybody I speak to about our decision has stated this very sentence. We do not have a job offer, we do not have an offer on our house, we have absolutely nothing to cling to but Faith.

It is that faith, my friends, that I cling to. I work everyday on having grace in my situation. I have no plans to teach any yoga until we move. I say I am on sabbatical in order to finish writing my course "How to Die" - a subject that is very close to my heart since my Mama passed away last summer. I cannot believe how quickly I am writing it, but I suppose that is what daily dedication does for a person. I cannot wait to share this work with the world. My hope is that I can help people find some grace and peace in the process of dying ... something my own Mom modelled in her last few months. I am forever grateful for those lessons.

So why move? Why Change? Why Grow? Why Try?

Because I am tired of surviving - I want to Thrive!!! I am ready for whatever the Universe has planned for me - and I'm pretty sure it's something BIG! I fully place my trust and faith in the Universe to choose my path, and I willingly surrender to whatever my purpose is on this big green earth. I am ready to go.

I don't really know how many people this blog touches, but I continue to write, because I feel a strong pull to share my experiences with others. I don't know if I have helped anyone, or sparked anything in anyone, as a result of the things I've written. All I have is the faith that this public journal is here for a reason. So, to You, reader, I say Thank You for reading. Thank you for supporting this venture of mine, and for supporting my Destiny. Thank you for taking the time to read these words - in sheer gratitude and Love,

Namaste - the Light in Me sees the Light in You,


  1. I for one will miss your smiling face....and kudos on your bravery

    1. Thank you Tammy! There are so many smiling faces that I will miss too .... including yours <3