Thursday, March 12, 2015

Moments Between _ and _

There is a seeker in me that has always been there. I have great desire to go out and explore my world, both the world within my great mind, and the world around me - the one I create with every breath. I perhaps sound like a narcissist. But if being a narcissist means that I am fighting my way through my baggage, my promises (both kept and unkept), and navigating my fears and loves ... then being a narcissist is who I will proudly be. For all we truly have in this world is free will, faith and love. All other things are merely by-products. I want to soar and glide and dive-bomb my way into, around and through my short life here on Earth. I want to defy the limits and parameters that I confine myself to. Though I have found that those limits and parameters merely get forced out a little further each time they are challenged, they have not yet disappeared for me. Perhaps that is what death is for. Perhaps the purpose of the time between life and death is merely an opportunity for growth - an opportunity to finally allow the boundaries to disappear.

Live as you wish to die.

How do I wish to die? Which lessons do I want to take from this life to review when I am in my final moments? Will I feel any shame at the things I held back from in my life? Will I regret anything when I am nearer to the end? What waits for me on the other side of my current limitations?

And why on earth have I been holding back?

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