Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tony Robbins is Kind of a Big Deal

Motivational Speakers were kind of a big deal in my formative years, but by formative I mean to say that I was a child, unable to understand the ranting and raving of a man in a suit standing in front of a projector screen. To see Tony Robbins on TV was nothing to me but something to giggle at, to mock and to copy into pretend play with my little sister.

So when my husband asked for the new Tony Robbins book for Christmas, I had a funny reaction to it - the first of which being surprised that Tony was still at it for all these years. Then I started to think about how long of a career that was - at least 25 years! After the book was finished, my husband (D) wanted to order one of Tony's online programs, and he seemed to gobble up anything he could find. During this time I too began to listen to the talks and do the quizzes, and was getting quite a lot out of it. This was alongside a 3 session mentorship I was partaking in with Kristin Campbell from Squamish. A few weeks later D started looking into Tony's retreats and seminars, and found one located in Chicago. He phoned their offices to ask a few questions. Then he and I talked about the details - how much it would cost, when he would be gone, what was involved. My husband went on to say that there was a deal going on where it wasn't that much more money for two people to go.

It looks like we're going to Chicago for a 4 day seminar! I am still in shock about it, and as time goes on I am really excited about this plan. This could be a life-changer!!

All my life I have strived for something more, for something different. As a child, I never liked to conform to authority - school, parents, rules, and all that - if someone ever told me I HAD to do something, I would do the opposite, just to exercise my own right to think and act freely. In my youth, it didn't even matter if I was rebelling against my own needs so long as I could experience the rush of the rebellion. I sometimes see this funny trait in my own children, and I have to say that while it may not make much sense to outsiders, I understand it completely. It feels nice to have something to push against sometimes, and I can connect the dots now to see that pushing boundaries is absolutely a necessary part of achieving great things. Of course, as children my own spawn will have to ride out the conformities of life for another 15 or 20 years - to pay their dues you see.

Sometimes change is a scary thing, but only because we are facing the unknown, and most of us hate that. The fear holds within it a great potential, and I would encourage YOU, reader to purposefully go towards that fear with your heart on your sleeve and a fire in your eyes. You are the only one who can change your life, reinvent yourself, or even just find that delicious contentment in your own skin.

Absolutely everything happens for a reason, without exception, but most of the time we have to jump in headfirst and wait for the reasons to come clear later on down the road. 

Why Tony Robbins? Why now? Why Chicago? I will let you know once I know!

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