Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something?

I have been playing with an idea lately, sort of testing the Universe, if you will. My game has been this: I do things without any mindfulness of soul, and strangely they do not work out. As soon as I bring myself in line with the energy of the Universe, by embracing the things that are truly in my own heart, the world seems to be my oyster.

It seems that when I am in that place of wanting to provide connection, love, trust and security, it only works under specific conditions. I have to clear away all signs of hesitation, reluctance, and overthinking of any kind. I have to know that what I am trying to provide is pure. It seems that when I try too hard to please others, I get a million obstacles thrown in my path, and the moment that I decide to take the reins and dive into the uncertainty, is the moment that my intentions are realized to their fullest potential.

So it might be that the Universe is trying to tell me something.

Sometimes I feel that I might burst open with all of the ideas that circulate in my heart and mind ... Honestly, it's like all the seeds that I have planted (in the form of ideas), are all trying to push to the surface all at once. When I get this feeling, I know with certainty that it is time to create something new. Most often, this comes to fruition in the form of a yoga class or workshop offering. When I begin to put down on paper the (many) ideas that are flowing, there are almost always moments where I hesitate. "Will they understand this?" "Maybe this is too far out there, too Flaky" "What if this makes people uncomfortable?" "What if they walk out because I've offended them?"

... the dialogue goes on and on. It does not help the creative process.

But you know what? I'm beginning to realize that if I make an offering, the people who are meant to be there will be there. They will show up because something inside of them felt a calling, a draw, a pull, to experience the garden that was created through these hands. 

There is nothing I would like more than to be everything to everyone, in all ways, but that is not reality. I know that the things that come through me are not for everyone, because quite honestly, I have some powerful things to share. What I am offering is an opportunity for transformation. What I offer is not always going to be easy - for me or my participants - but I can tell you that what I offer, if truly embraced, can bring about enormous change. The consistency of your practice after that is on you, because the people who win the races aren't always the ones with natural ability - sometimes they are the ones who showed up to practice Every Single Day. That consistency can bring you the most beautiful things.

And for me, I am learning the great power of allowing the Universe to move through me, and trusting that whatever I am asked to do is for the greater good. I will try to honour this truth with every endeavor I undertake.

Namaste - Nicole

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