Monday, March 10, 2014

Rabbit Trails ...

When I begin to feel overwhelmed in my life, I try very hard to focus on being present. There are some days when it seems absolutely impossible to focus on anything at all, and it is those times when I falter. Thank goodness those days are few and far between as of late.

I am not perfect. I have tried to be at various times in my journey, but it usually ends in unhappiness and with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Perfection in its' defined form? Well, it's just not for me!

I have heard many people talking lately about simplifying their lives, and I admit it has been on my mind as well. Perhaps it is the rapidly melting snow around here that has got me thinking about summer days ... Running on dirt, lying in the sun, blowing bubbles with the kids, pulling weeds in the garden ...

For now, I realize that our Spring Melt will last several weeks. However, one of the most beautiful things about the changing seasons here in the Cariboo, is the ability to actually watch the transformation from Winter to Spring. Every day that the snow is melting down, if you look at the cottonwoods and the poplars, you actually witness the buds on the trees getting more plump each day. And the colour of the sky begins to slowly change as well. My cat and my dog start to get kind of nutty too ... the dog wants to go inside and outside fifty times in a day. The cat starts thinking about doing her business outside. My son goes outside in nothing but shorts, a t-shirt and rubber boots.

And I am changing too. The sight of muddy rivers shimmering their way down every road is a joyous sight to my winter weary spirit. It has been a long one. I wonder if the lifers of Quesnel feel that this was (finally!) a good winter, after many warm years.

Times of transition are always interesting, and almost never easy. But it is in the eye of the beholder - Change can either be turbulent or smooth. Just like all things in life, it is completely up to us to set an intention, make a decision, and have an attitude of acceptance.

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