Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adjusting to the Flow

People are coming and going into and out of my life all the time. It is a constant wheel of changing personalities, energies and presences, and I accept the flow of change for what it is. Long ago I made a decision to let go of relationships when it was time to let go. I allow myself the freedom to change with the ever constant waves of the Universe, and I allow others the same freedom when I do so. Some may see it as cold and unfeeling, but for me it is just the opposite. I attract the most amazing people into my life, and am filled with gratitude at the opportunities to share time with these most precious individuals. But with this blessing comes the inevitability that I must share these beautiful souls with the rest of the world. There are some people with whom I have remained close, and there is no obvious reason for this phenomenon, it just is.

Recently, there seems to be a huge increase in the flow of people surrounding me; a respite after a time of looking inward through a long, cold winter. It's funny how this works. I think that's why it is so important to honour the quiet times we have, since struggling against it is futile anyway. There is no time like the present.

Last night I was able to participate in a 108 Oms Chant. It was the most Pure Experience. There is something so magical about chanting 108 Oms ... something beautiful, mystical and enchanting. You cannot escape the power of the present when you are repeating this word OM.
1= Oneness
0 = Emptiness
8 = Infinity

As I turn my thoughts back to that flowing stream of people, I love reflecting on those times that were difficult, and noticing who was there to provide support, inspiration, love and joy. I know that the workshops we facilitated over the last week provided all of that and more to our lovely participants. There were bonds forged that will be present in a very deep way between them all, even if they never again are chanced to meet. It is okay to let those cards fall where they may. If they are meant to continue the connection, they will. But there is no obligation, even if they said a thing that changed someone's perspective on life forever.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

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