Monday, March 3, 2014

Peace comes in wisps and waves. Small Indications of Change.

When I consider how much my life has changed over the last 15 years, I see so clearly now what my Mom must have seen. A lost, lonely young woman with so much to figure out about life. A girl, still wounded from teenage dramas and the results of becoming disconnected from her roots. A young lady who was desperately trying to be different, seeking and searching for something to give her an identity. Of course, wise woman that she is, my Mom always knew who I was even when I didn't. She knew that I yearned to care for others. She knew that I was a good person, even when I wasn't behaving. She knew that I had a good head on my shoulders.


If you ever met my Mom, you would immediately like her. She has that effect on everybody. I think it's because she is wise. She has this practical, no-nonsense wisdom that everybody can relate to. She is gentle and kind, and an excellent conversationalist. She uses long words and proper grammar when she is talking, which I love. She listens to people when they are talking, and often has witty and insightful things to say. She is modest, and doesn't take credit for anyone else's thoughts and ideas. She knows the difference between right and wrong, every time, but she would never say "I told you so", no matter how great the temptation.


I see different facets of my Mom's nature and personality in myself, and in my two sisters. One has received the gift of language, and she can embody the romanticism and appreciation of the English language. Mom always yearned to travel, and my big sis has been travelling many times to many interesting places. My younger sis lives near the ocean, another love of Mom's. She loves to cook rich, gourmet food. She loves to have a houseful of people to entertain, just like Mom used to do when we were growing up. I have trouble identifying exactly what I embody ... I suppose I might be the matriarch of the family ... Like Mom was for so long. I know that I am not quite living up to those expectations currently, simply because we have all been so spread out for so many years. But our family is pulling together this week. My sisters will be here, with me and Mom and Dad. 


I am so excited I can barely contain it! It is something that I have been wanting for quite some time, as it is so rare for the 3 sisters to come together. Thailand, Quesnel and Haida Gwaii seem so far apart - Weird.


I feel so much gratitude today. My sisters and I, although so incredibly different, have all been raised under the same roof and there is a likeness that only siblings share. I feel like I might not even know what to do with them once they're here! And to see all five of us together, along with children and partners ... fabulous. It is a wonderful time.


Peace comes in wisps and waves

Small indications of change.

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