Friday, February 14, 2014

If you don't have Love, Give it away anyway

I asked the Universe for guidance today, as I do every morning. Every once in a while I get an answer back as soon as I ask, but today was not that kind of day. Part of asking the Universe for guidance is waiting and watching for the answers as you float through your day. My kids wanted to walk to school today, without me, and when I said yes it was kind of a big deal both for me and for them. At 6- and 8-years old, I sometimes find it tough to let go, but I continue to learn how to let out my heart strings a little bit - both far enough for them to feel their freedom, yet close enough that I can save them if they ever happen to need saving. They don't often need me to be there for backup, but every once in a while my name is called. "Mommy!" ~ And at that moment I am there, happily ready to help.

People often talk about having a calling, finding their calling, heeding the call. I think we are called upon every single day to step up to tasks that we may think of as simple or insignificant, when they may actually be quite challenging. Such as letting the children walk to school alone, like Hansel and Gretel, but I'm not the mean parent who is sending her children off to survive in the crudest sense. But it is still a process.

Looking outside of ourselves is sometimes the best thing we can do to turn a bad mood around, and to pick ourselves up out of the emotional trenches. Compassion, love, empathy. When you are able to give something away to someone, especially if it's something you believe you do not have such as forgiveness, love or happiness, it reseals one's faith in the Universe. In God. Because it is quite miraculous to create something out of nothing, isn't it?

Your calling, every day, is to step up to the small challenges of life. These daily, sometimes mundane, challenges are the practices and the rehearsals of the bigger challenges that you will inevitably face. How you deal with each and every day is a very good indication of how you will deal with the Big Crises of Life. Like illness. Like failure. Like heartbreak. Like loss.

So ask yourself the question: How do I feel today? How do I want to deal with this day? What do I want from this day? And then figure out how you can reach these great internal goals of what we all want: Love, Happiness, Peace, Success. I'll tell you one thing that I know in certainty - You can only achieve your goals and dreams one step at a time. Life moves slowly when you are talking about emotional evolution, and that means you have lots of time to pace yourself, to learn your lessons, to put habits and routines into place that will get you to where you want to be.

Asking the Universe for guidance is one such way you can keep on track with your dreams and goals. But most importantly, you need to watch, wait, and listen for the answers. There is symbolism everywhere, everyday, constantly. You are given opportunities to help others, to give your love through a smile or a hello, to see the beauty of life all around you.

Look around today - this Valentine's Day - and seek out the small gestures of love. See past the flowers, the chocolates, the kisses. Seek out the deeper meaning of love. And even if you feel you don't have love, give it away anyway.

Sincerely & With Love,

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