Friday, January 10, 2014

~ Love. Peace. Joy. Unity.

Isn't it so interesting that one experience in your life seems, in hindsight, to be preparation for the next experience? It seems as each year passes, I am still passing on to the next "grade" of my life - even though my schooling years are so well behind me now. There is a broad spectrum of choices in any given situation, and logical thought often seems to be the bane of my existence when it comes time to actually make a decision. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way - it seems a bit of a trademark we women seem to have.


Life is complicated. And yet, it's not. Why we were gifted with these overthinking, overanalyzing, over-rationalizing brains is beyond me sometimes. When I sit quietly, focusing on my breathing, I feel so at peace, in control, strong and clear. But when emotions creep into the foreground, my judgement is suddenly clouded, lost and longing for simplicity.


I have always believed that we choose our lives before we live them. We make contracts with who will be our mother and our father, siblings, best friends ... and the list goes on. Some of these contracts can be painful. Sometimes we must hurt a person in order to fulfill our side of these contracts. Sometimes they must wound us too. Sometimes someone who is close to us must go through a difficult situation, one in which neither they, nor us, can avoid.


I don't have much advice for the painful, necessary parts of life. Probably because I haven't gained enough experience in that department. I live a blessed life, a happy existence, surrounded by support and love. I cherish my family. I love my livelihood of teaching yoga. I adore writing and love running. I am enjoying being a mother a billion times more than I thought I would. I would not change any of who I am, how I got here, or who I am becoming.


I want for myself what I want for the entire planet ~ Love. Peace. Joy. Unity.

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