Saturday, March 22, 2014


When someone or something brings you down, and the whole world seems to be hopping onto your back, bearing down on you, and suppressing you, there is a place you can go for solace.

That place is deep within you. It is at the centre of your core. It is deep and dark and forgiving. It is a loving well of joy and bliss, and it is always available.

Even in your darkest hour, when you cannot see it, let alone feel it, that place of refuge is there for you.

Sometimes these times of darkness are necessary for you, so that you can see the light once the dust settles. And at that time, you may or may not realize that your faith was sitting inside of you, anchoring you to what is good and true.

You are the seed of this great vast energy. You are the one who comforts your own self in these times of need.
There are times when you will not feel it, and you will experience a vast loneliness.

The secret is that this vast loneliness is also your point of access to Joy. It is the secret key to a backstage entrance to the Absolute Reality.

All truth lies within you.
Photo by Laurie Bare

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