Sunday, October 2, 2016

Symbolic First Day.

And so today is a new day. I am taking my first step in comfort into my new life, and today I ask myself: How can I Serve? What Can I Offer? What Can I Teach to Others? What Am I Meant to Learn? What Is My Purpose?
How Can I Serve?

I am setting intentions today to manifest the pivotal events in my life that were meant to be, that were put in place long before I inhabited this adult body. I am ready to embrace the gifts I was in such close contact with as a child - I was so open in those formative years, and in the last year I have often reached out to my Child-Self  (Little Nicole) to guide me and to show me what it is that I have been missing. 

Last week I had a breakthrough - I was sitting in the sun on my deck, and I closed my eyes to fully immerse myself in warmth & light. Behind my eyes I could see brilliant red - and I thought "Oh, it's just the sun making me see red, I probably can't see any other colours" ... and then all I could see was Orange ... still I wasn't convinced, and thought "Well, orange is pretty close to red, I'm just tricking myself "... and then it morphed into yellow ... and then Still in disbelief, I thought "Well, if I could see green, then I would know I'm not making this up" ... and then everything was green ... and then teal ... blue ... and finally a beautiful amethyst purple.

Now this may not seem significant, so you'll need to know the backstory ...

In my 20's, when I first truly began to revisit my spiritual self, I was playing around with all kinds of modalities and tricks to get insight into my spiritual life. Playing psychic games with friends, practicing Wicca by the book, learning the art of healing through Reiki, and learning a lot about personal Will and manifestation. I remember reading about different types of intuition. Clear seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing* ... I have always experienced Clear Feeling and Clear Knowing, and was always envious of those who had the power to actually "see" visions. I never really thought it would be possible for me to experience Clairvoyance, and so I let it go, and have always relied on my ability to Feel and to Know. This development of Clear Seeing for me is truly amazing ... and I feel that this is a gift from the Universe, a demonstration of the amazing gifts available to me if I can just trust in the destiny that I was born into.

Yesterday I committed to doing a 30 Day Challenge at the Yoga Loft, and for me (and many others), it marks a new beginning in my life. It marks an opportunity to choose my next steps wisely, confidently and mindfully. When I teach yoga, I am always learning ... but when I can be a student I am immersing myself in the internal workings of my own soul ... and of my soul's connection to the Universe. I am also connecting with the other students in the class, while being led into an experience by another teacher. 

My intentions for the next 30 days are to fully immerse myself into my new life here in Kamloops ~ To finally untangle myself from the attachments of life in Quesnel. My intention is not to untie from Quesnel, because I still love that place, and have many lifelong friends and connections there. But rather to simply allow myself to become fully present in my new town, and to start trusting that I am right where I'm supposed to be.

If these words resonate with you at all, and maybe even reflect your own life, perhaps it can serve as a reminder for you to also set some new intentions in your life.

Namaste & Love ~ Nicole 

*Read more about different types of intuition at

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