Thursday, April 7, 2016

Asking for Protection

Well, we have been in our new house for nearly two weeks now! All of us have had so much fun setting up our things, claiming favourite spots, and generally settling in. Now, the kids are in the basement because both of the bedrooms down there are absolutely huge. It just wouldn't have been fair to only let one kid have a big bedroom! I have to admit I was quite surprised at how well they were both sleeping, considering my bedroom is on the third floor, and also because my children looove to watch scary TV shows about hauntings and other shenanigans. But they were sleeping really well and seemed very pleased about their massively huge basement bedrooms, so I thought I was wrong in my first assumptions.

I guess these things take time. Last night my son came to me crying because he said he saw some tiny white lights moving really fast in his bedroom. Of course it freaked him out - no one likes unexplained, fast-moving lights! He seemed pretty terrified, and I could feel the clamminess of his fear as he clung onto my arm for dear life. His fear sent a shudder through my body as I walked both kids up the stairs to sit on the couch to talk about it. I managed to calm them both down, and my son bravely said he wanted to go look again.

We went back to his room and he carefully entered, looking all around and trembling. He requested I take the mirror off the wall (thank goodness, because it was facing a window and could possibly have been creating an entry point for entities). I started to ask him what he thought the lights might be. He thought about it and said "It could have been fairies". BAM! I was so surprised by how intuitive he was in this moment ... and I proceeded to explain that they might just be looking for somewhere new to play and his room is so much fun. But we both agreed that it wasn't acceptable for the fairies to frighten him like that, and we decided to ask them to leave. I did most of the talking, and then I told him that he should use his voice to tell them as well. We told the fairies that we could play outside with them another time.

Then I asked him if he would like me to contact someone to protect him - I suggested his Grandma (who passed over), or his guardian angel, or an Archangel - and he chose his Guardian Angel. I called upon him out loud and also asked for the guidance, protection and love of the guardians of children, of souls and also his familiars and our family totem Eagle. All along I asked him to see if he could feel the energy changing at all.

He ended up feeling much much better after this charging of the room, and the call out for protection. Sometimes I wonder if he will remember these tricks and spells that I'm teaching him ... or if he'll just think it was like telling  story and that it's not really Real.

I do, however, get the sense that he knows all this stuff anyway. He probably knows a lot more than I do ...

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