Friday, January 2, 2015

Let the Spirit Move You!

When I get the feeling of energy coursing through me, I know that it must be expressed, and for me that outlet is writing. I have always had a way with words, and I can even remember the first story I ever wrote. I remember the surprise I felt when I realized that I could write stories, and was not confined to only reading other peoples' stories. Like many dreams, mine has changed with maturity and experience, and I now write the truth.

In my youth, I always felt that the truth was boring and held nothing for me ... the angst and drama of the teenage years are like that. I was always reaching for the dark side of life, because that is where I was, and that is all I could find when I was reaching out. I convinced myself that love was boring and unnecessary, and I pushed people away from me. Of course, I see so clearly now that I was a hurt and lonely child - yes, even at 20 years old I was just a child. I feel such compassion for that person I was so long ago, and I celebrate those monumental moments that she had that forced her to change ... and to open up and to share herself with the world for the first time!

This challenge is going to be good for me, I can already see that. I would normally never post something on this blog that wasn't polished and picked over for mistakes, but I'm going to toss those rules out the window for the next month. I just need to WRITE!

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