Saturday, January 3, 2015

Inspired by Song: Kiesza Hideaway

My feet are drumbeats tapping the ground in perfect rhythm. The bass is the only thing that keeps me grounded, the constant return of each foot to the ground. My heart wants to jump out of my chest because it feels so good to be a runner, to be alive, to be in motion as I pass by the world. There is nothing else I would rather be doing when I feel this freedom. I feel like my spirit could actually leave my body and run on the current of air above me, and that my shell of a body would keep running too. There is no reason to stop. I feel supported by the Universe and driven by the wind. I feel that I cannot stop feeling this, for the feeling does continue without you - you are only left with the knowledge that you dropped out of the flow. It's not about running anymore. It's about staying in this wavelength of empowerment and connectedness, and it's about never letting it go because I will never truly be finished with it anyway.

I want to breathe heavily. I want to push myself to the limit and make sounds that don't make sense when I go to that place within. I want to struggle to make it to the top of each mountain, because what's waiting for me there arrived long before I discovered it. That is the place you must enter if you want to improve. I am a runner, and I will constantly strive to get better at it, and I will be okay with the fact that it can be painful.

Running is about life. How you approach running is how you approach life is how you approach death. The imminent event that is planned for each and every one of us - the thing we can never escape. The quest of dying is one that I want to be strong for, so I prepare myself by challenging myself. When death comes, you must keep your head on straight, and be able to see through blurred vision, through an exhaustive sense of mind, spirit and body - together.

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