Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Undesirable Emotions are Rocket Fuel!

There are times in life when there can be a feeling of inaction, idleness or a general feeling of "Is this all there is?" This is the point in time when you can plant seeds of action for the future, because this could be the calm before the storm. This is a time to gather up all the energy that brought you to this point, and to begin figuring out what kind of energy you want to direct your life with as you move forward.

There is no greater gift than uncertainty because it gives you an opportunity to choose what it is that you want in your life, moving forward. Uncertainty, inaction, idleness and even sadness can be a catalyst to help push you towards finally making a decision. And frustration is the most beautiful emotion of all of these, because it helps you to blow off the top of the bottle, and finally get out of your comfort zone ~ Where all magic occurs.

Fear makes you question yourself - your choices, your emotions and your alliances.  Fear is a powerful thing, but rather than allowing it to overshadow every move that you make, you have the choice to utilize it in a healthy way.  Asking yourself what you are afraid of gives you high value answers that will not materialize in a calm and relaxed environment. Undesirable emotions are like Rocket Fuel!

What is Your Rocket Fuel?

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