Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Universe Has a Plan For You

Sometimes, this journey of life leads us along the path, and ALL the way around to where we first started. But even when it seems as though you are back to where you once belonged, there is usually a stark change - in You. That's because all of our experiences shape who we are ~ and perspective, my friends, is everything. Perspective is what gives us power over our lives, which includes circulating thoughts, our judgements and criticisms of ourselves and others, and our ability to be truly happy.

I will tell you a secret that you probably already know: The Universe always has a plan for you. And a backup plan. There are some things in your life that you are predestined to experience, and there isn't anything you can do to stop them from happening. Sometimes we humans build up these inevitable experiences to be aversions ... like being terrified of being alone, or not ever wanting to ride a bike again. The problem is that most of us tend to move away from things that make us feel uncomfortable, but it won't serve us in the long run. The truth is that when you move towards the things that scare you, the Universe can see that you are trusting her. And you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Don't get me wrong, as humans we still have the luxury of Free Will, it's just that the big events in our lives cannot be avoided. It really doesn't matter where you travel to in this life, it's how you choose to get there that really counts. You can choose to live your life with grace, with courage, with compassion, and with optimism. You can choose happiness every day, even before the dark cloud comes to settle in and hunker down for the day. You have a choice to live with a sense of freedom in your soul, even if your "reality" dictates otherwise.

One more thing: It is okay to feel uncomfortable. It is okay to feel like you are the only one. It is okay to have shitty days where everything just seems dark, and sad and wrong. Without these gifts of darkness, you might not recognize the light when it comes shining into your world.

But once you learn how to tap into the streams of joy and love and gratitude and acceptance, you will never be quite the same. You can become a channel for others to tap into this part of themselves. You can create an infectious feeling of worthiness, first in yourself, and later in others.

Have a beautiful long weekend, and Re-Memberance Day ...
With Love and Gratitude, Nicole

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