Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Passing of My Mom

It's very interesting for me to come to this blog, and to realize that my last post was on Mother's Day. So much has happened in the span of  3 & 1/2 months.

My own Mother passed away July 1st, and one thing that I have been reflecting on a lot is how much my Mom invested in me - how much love, faith, hope and trust. How many times did she think about me, with worry, frustration, love?

I know there were times where I must have angered her greatly, when I look back on my teen years ... and even times where she didn't even know where I was. Like any parent she just did her best not to take it personally, and to be there for me fully when I was willing to accept her love, her suggestions, her hope for me. I could be a defeatist here and say something like "Now she can never do those things for me again ... She'll never again be able to tell me she loves me ..." or any other manner of thoughts.

But they aren't true.

My Mom left me with so many lessons, so much of her energy resides in me, and I cannot let her, or myself, or my children, down by missing the beautiful evidence of her presence in my life. I go on, with her in my heart, and I strive to be like her. The many attributes of my Mom need not even be mentioned here, because anyone who was touched by her could sense these things immediately. She had not a mean bone in her body. People like that are extremely rare. She tried very hard not to gossip about other people, and would often make mention that anyone going through a hard time usually behaves badly. My Mom was an amazing example of a good and decent human being, who genuinely cared about other peoples' happiness.

I strive to be like her.

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